Choosing the Perfect Travel Carrier for Your Budgie

Every budgie needs not only their primary enclosure but also a travel cage/carrier for taking them outside for sunlight and for other travel needs such as visiting the veterinarian. This article will walk you through the different types of carriers and how to pick the right one for your needs.

Aside from their main cage, budgies also need a separate travel cage that is reliable, sturdy, and safe so that we can transport them outside for sunlight, take them to the vet, transport them in the car if necessary. Travel cages and carriers are very different from normal cages. They have specific mechanisms built in so that the cage cannot come apart under its own weight and cannot accidentally slide open. Here is how to choose a great travel cage for your budgies with all of the necessary safety features.

What To Look For First

  • For budgies, it is CRUCIAL to find a carrier of the right bar spacing of 3/8″-0.5″ and no larger. Incorrect bar spacings could result in a bird squeezing out and flying away. 
  • Travel cages and carriers will have zippers or special locks that hold the door securely in place and cannot be reached from the inside of the cage.
  • Avoid any cage that has sliding doors with no locking mechanism.
  • Travel cages should be made of a safe material such as powder-coated wrought iron or plastic/sturdy fabric.

Two Kinds of Travel Cages/Carriers

Once you’ve found some carriers that fit all of the above safety criteria, then think about how you plan to use your travel carrier. Is it for a short trip to the vet or for taking your budgie out for some sun?

There are different ways to classify carriers but one of the easiest way to classify them is by function into filtered and unfiltered travel cages.

comparison between two travel carriers

Filtered carriers block ultraviolet B (UVB) light from reaching your budgie, meaning they will not be able to receive any of the vitamin D3 benefits from being taken outside in that carrier. These are ideal for colder temperatures because they restrict the air flow more so they will likely make more sense for a short trip to the vet. This also means that they can heat up quickly in warmer temperatures so use with caution!

Unfiltered carriers allow for the light to pass directly through the cage bars and reach the bird, giving them access to UVB for vitamin D3 synthesis. These are ideal for taking your budgie outside to get some wind and sunlight and better to use in warmer temperatures to allow for better airflow. 

My Favorite Travel Carriers

Looking for a new carrier for your budgie? Here are a few of my favorites to help you choose!

This is my go-to carrier for taking my budgies on short car trips to the vet. It’s light-weight, easy to carry, and easy to clean. The perch it comes with is a little large for budgies to hang onto while being carried so I recommend wrapping it to give it a bit more grip. 

Link: Prevue Pet Products Soft Sided Bird Travel Carrier with Perch Small, Multicolor

This soft-sided parrot carrier is super spacious when used with our smaller parrots like budgies but provides good airflow from the two mesh sides. It might be worth it to change out the perch to a smaller one that is easier to grip. It also has flaps to darken the space to help reduce the stress of transport. 

Link: Bird Carrier with Shade Cover

This is my favorite budgie carrier for taking the birds out for some sun. It is pretty heavy duty and therefore it’s not very light but it does have all of the security features I’m looking for in a travel carrier including solid door locks, stainless steel bowls, and a sturdy build that won’t accidentally come apart when you pick it up. It also is one of the few with 1/2″ bar spacing that is safe for budgies.

Link: Prevue Pet Products Travel Carrier for Birds, Black

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