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We bring together science-based, proven methods that follow in line with your budgie’s biology so you can create a relationship that works for you as well as your budgie. 


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"Dr. Amy is like my Budgie Guardian Angel. I got my first budgie a little unprepared and have a very stressful first few weeks when some training hiccups came into play (like my bird couldn’t figure out how to eat in his new cage). Amy gave my science backed information and easy and actionable steps and has helped transform me into a confident budgie parent!"
Maria Failla
Budgie Mom

Meet The Budgie Academy

Dr. Amy Zhao combines her physiology, nutrition,  behavior experiences with her access to the latest research to create a framework for successful budgie ownership, along with personalized strategies and plans to help budgie owners get the knowledge and confidence with their own budgies. 

How To Care For Pet Budgies: A Starter Guide

This guide by Dr. Amy Zhao was created to empower budgie owners as they learn more about their delightful pet birds. This book will feature sections on nutrition, housing, behavior, grooming and more. 


No matter where you are in your budgie owning journey, strong fundamentals are a key to a wonderful relationship so if you’re ready to take your budgie ownership to the next level, start here.


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