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Need more specific help about your budgie’s case? We can look at your budgie’s special case to get you the solutions you need to get to your budgie care goals!

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Tired of Struggling with Budgie Care?

Tired of endless Google searches or reading through forums posted by anonymous sources not knowing if the information is accurate?


Struggling to find an answer to your budgie’s SPECIFIC situation?


Wish someone could just look at your specific budgie’s situation and give you the guidance to know what to do?


Wish you could spend more time enjoying your budgie’s companionship rather than stressing about their care?

An Approach Tailor Made For You: What to Expect

Our 1:1 consults are designed to target your individual needs to help you get to your goals as efficiently as possible. We can also help you find creative solutions for your budgies within the resources you have available to you. 


Prior to your consult, we will send you a budgie info form. This form is a few pages long but will ask you about all aspects of your budgie’s life in order to create a clear picture of your budgie’s current status. Getting a clear picture of your budgie’s status can take an entire hour in a consult so this allows us to save you time (and money) and maximize the time in the live session for answering your questions. 

The Consultation Process


Choose Your Consultation

Choose your appointment type. First appointments are always 1 hour because these tend to have the most detailed questions to answer. 


Prepare for Your Appointment

Fill out the pre-consultation info form at least 48 hours before your appointment so I can prepare for your session ahead of time. 


Consultation Day

Join me on video chat to get your questions answered!



1 month custom follow-up period to support you implementing the new suggestions.

I Can Help You With:

Virtual Consults FAQs

In order to get you the most efficient result possible, we need to get a complete picture of your budgie’s life with as much detail as possible. This will allow us to evaluate the budgie’s surroundings with the most accuracy and provide you with the recommendations that have the highest chance of success. 

You will need a phone or computer that has video and audio so that we can use Google Meet! 


Depending on the nature of your consultation, you may or may not need to have your budgie there with you. For many consultations, the key is to arm you with the knowledge to work with your bird and give you the tools to be successful even when I’m not there. Most of the issues owners face are a result of a knowledge gap and many behaviors can be diagnosed through good quality video sent to me through the consult form ahead of time. Make sure to submit any videos you can so I can look at them ahead of time and analyze your bird’s body language.

The goal of these consults is to create a care plan that is tailor-made exactly for you. This means looking at what resources and products you have available and work within those constraints. Generally, if you live in the continental US, you will have no problem obtaining any of the supplies or toys that we use for training or enrichment because they can be ordered readily online for a fairly affordable price. 

Great question! This is extremely common, especially amongst more experienced budgie owners who have happily integrated budgies they’ve been living with for some time. There’s just the occasional question that pops up here and there. 

This is exactly why I created the Budgie Academy Scholar’s Club.

As a member of the Scholar’s Club, you’ll get access to weekly live Q&As, monthly deep dive live seminars, direct message support, and early access to new resources and research. This allows me to provide you with more continuous support outside of and in between consults. 


Some examples of questions that would fall in that category:

  • I saw this product online. Should I buy it?
  • Can you help me find an avian vet?
  • I read this thing online. Is this true?
  • Can budgies eat this food item?
  • What do you think of my cage setup?
  • Is my budgie male or female?
  • What color variation is my budgie?

Click here to find out more about The Scholar’s Club membership. 

We also offer 30-min consults if you have a few questions you would like answered in person. If you’re not sure which is best for you, contact us and we can recommend the right solution for you!
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