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Frustrated with conflicting information on social media?

Don't know who to trust for information?

Have questions about your budgies but don't need a full consult?

I created The Budgie Academy Scholar’s Club as a place for all budgie owners to access the latest, most up-to-date budgie care and training information that you can trust.

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$10 / month

Need more specific help about your budgie’s case?

We can look at your specific case to get you the solutions you need to get to your budgie care goals!

We offer 1:1 virtual consults for budgie owners to walk them through many types of behavior and care questions, creating a personalized plan specifically for them.

Get Help With:

✔️ Cage protectiveness and aggression

✔️ Biting while on the finger

✔️ Chronic mating with objects

✔️ High fear level making training difficult

✔️ Lack of food motivation

✔️ Struggling to introduce new foods

✔️ Formulating a diet for your budgies

✔️ Chronic egg laying and reproductive management

…and more.

Budgie Care Courses

Check out our courses and free downloads!


Free Download: Budgie Care 101

Preparing to get a new budgie or new to budgie keeping? Or maybe you want to make sure you have all the basics down? Read this free guide!

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Food Introduction & Diet Conversion

Struggling to get your budgie to eat new foods? Worried about their long term health? Learn our signature, stress-free diet conversion method!


Budgie Taming and Stepping Up

Is your budgie afraid of you? Wish your budgie could step up onto your hand like you see in videos? Then this course is for you!

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