The Importance of the Wellness Exam

Do you make the common mistake of only bringing your bird to the vet when they get sick? Find out why regular wellness exams are an essential part of owning a healthy bird.

Wellness and preventative medical care are key to keeping your parrots healthy for the long term. Many people make the mistake of only bringing their pets into the vet when they’re sick, but knowing what your bird’s bodily parameters are like when they’re healthy can greatly inform future healthcare decisions.

Why Wellness Exams?

Wellness exams allow your avian vet to do multiple things for you and your pet. These include establishing a relationship with you as an owner, developing an understanding of what a healthy baseline is for your bird, and checking for early signs of illness that you may not have noticed.

Building a Relationship

Having an avian vet that you trust and can go to with questions is important. It will be easier for your vet to help you plan for the long term if they have more context about you, your home, and your general situation.

Establishing a Baseline


More accurate information about your pet means better-informed medical decisions. Giving your vet a chance to establish a routine baseline by analyzing fecal samples, body condition, plumage, and bloodwork means they will have much more context if you suddenly bring your pet in sick.

Unnoticed Signs of Illness

A thorough exam by a medical professional may reveal symptoms of disease that have gone unnoticed. For example, many parrots suffering from vitamin A deficiencies look outwardly fine to their owners, but are diagnosed when a veterinarian examines their mouth and discovers signs of the condition (e.g., plaques and abscesses) that can be difficult to see with an untrained eye. 


Looking for an Avian Vet Near You?

Avian vets are not as common as general practitioners who see dogs and cats so you might have to drive a bit further to find them. 

Click the button to go to the Association of Avian Veterinarians website and find an avian vet near you!

Association of Avian Veterinarians Find-A-Vet

Just as people should get regular check-ups, your parrot should be no stranger to the veterinarian’s office. Regular wellness visits are crucial for catching problems early and ensuring your bird is in good shape for the long run. For more tips on keeping your budgie healthy and happy, check out our other articles at The Budgie Academy. And don’t forget to follow us on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook!

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